ALBERDINGK® AC 3630 and AC 3660: For professional high gloss

wood warming/Anfeuerung in comparison: ALBERDINGK® AC 3630, AC 3660 and NC

ALBERDINGK® AC 3660: New transparent acrylics for enhanced surface coatings.

ALBERDINGK BOLEY is pleased to add another member to the ALBERDINGK® AC 36XX family. 'With the introduction of ALBERDINGK® AC 3660, Alberdingk boley can offer a clear-in-the-can, hard, self-crosslinking acrylc dispersion with a wide range of properties', explains Michael Heidrich, responsible for the Technical Marketing. It offers:
- a very high chemical resistance
- wet look appearance
- wood warming, 'Anfeuerung' like solvent based NC
- hand fat resistance
- hot tire resistance
- excellent adhesion properties
- Ecolabel compliance
ALBERDINGK® AC 3660 is suitable for wood coatings, garage floor paints, varnishes on concrete and multi-surface paints in combination with ALBERDINGK® AC 2403.

Further highlights of the ALBERDINGK® AC 36XX-product family:
ALBERDINGK® AC 3630: for furniture and decorative coatings
ALBERDINGK® AC 3635: lower pH-version of ALBERDINGK® AC 3630 for critical substrates such as oak wood

High gloss paint for professional painters!

This new formulation with ALBERDINGK® AC 3630 offers:
- an ultralong opentime
- excellent flow and levelling
- very high chemical resistance
- very fast hardness development
- outstanding blocking resistance

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