American Coatings Show: Product Highlights and Presentations

Recap from ACS 2024- Product Highlights and Presentations:

• Unparalleled performance for exterior architectural paints, all while ditching hazardous and restricted additives.
• Can be formulated to near-zero VOC levels without skimping on paint quality, ensuring lasting durability and resistance to dirt pick-up.
• Exceptional efflorescence resistance, keeping your exterior surfaces looking pristine for longer.

• Outstanding exterior durability
• Superior adhesion profile
• Impressive hydrolysis resistance
• Unmatched hand fat resistance

• Cut down on NCO demand compared to OH functional acrylics, potentially lowering overall formula costs.
• Embrace low VOC capability for eco-conscious coating solutions.
• Experience top-notch physical properties, boasting an impressive taber abrasion resistance (7.6 mg).
• Enjoy unbeatable chemical resistance and wear properties for lasting performance.