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Driving Sustainability: Empowering Innovation with Biobased Solutions

Our dedicated R&D and Technical Marketing teams consistently strive to enhance the sustainability performance of our products, ensuring our clients don't need to compromise on quality and performance. Our commitment to biobased solutions runs deep, as we have been utilizing renewable plant-based binders like linseed and castor oil since our inception. Since the 1970s, we have been producing sustainable water-based dispersions, and in the 1990s, we began developing polyurethane dispersions based on castor oil. In 2005, after extensive research, we introduced polyurethane dispersions derived from linseed oil. During that same year, we also commenced manufacturing our ALBODUR® range of 100% solids content polyols based on castor oil, specifically designed for high-demanding 2-pack coatings. Currently, we are actively developing acrylic dispersions based on renewable raw materials, further expanding our portfolio of biobased products.

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“The Green Deal and the coatings industry”: Markus Dimmers, Head of Technical Marketing, talks about the latest developments of biobased resins for paints and coatings.

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Our Technology Information explains the different processes (mass balance approach vs C14-analyzable production with renewable raw materials) and gives an overview of our biobased products as well as their possible uses & applications.
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