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We care about sustainability!

Sustainability is part of our corporate policy. In line with the UN Sustainable Development goals, we aim to meet the economical, ecological and social needs of today’s society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Alberdingk Boley is striving for solutions which provide economic growth, while at the same time being ecologically and socially viable.

Our teams from Research & Development and Technical Marketing increasingly focus on sustainable thinking and the use of renewable resources when working on innovations, e.g. new sustainable binders.

More information on our biobased products and sustainable dispersions:

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Sustainability @ Alberdingk Boley.

This is what our CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) thinks: “Protection of our environment is probably the most important task nowadays. Sustainability has been part of our DNA for a long time and we strive to bring this subject into the forefront of our clients’ minds. We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint for instance by using renewable resources.”