Water-based Polyurethane and Acrylate Dispersions (Flexible Substrates)
for flexible substrates

Polyurethane and polyurethane acrylate dispersions are high-performing binders with unique properties.  They provide versatility and optimally balanced properties. Foremost among these are their elasticity, embossing ability, water resistance, adhesion, cross-linking ability, abrasion resistance, weather resistance and remarkable surface feel.
Alberdingk Boley’s binders perform exceptionally and convincingly in varied coating systems such as those used for leather, textiles, plastics, wood, metal, glass, and paper. A wide diversity of available raw materials make it possible to precisely emulate properties ranging from very soft, elastic, and leather-like...all the way to hard, readily grindable, or even glass-like. Whenever a new coating problem arises, we team up with the customer to solve it!
For Synergistic Effects
So many new materials are emerging today that coating systems must be constantly adjusted to yield best results. You can count on our product portfolio to meet all your requirements – a full range of compatible copolymers, pure polyurethanes and acrylates that can be specifically engineered for your application.