Vanora Products Overview (Surface Coatings)
for surface coatings

Product name

VANORA VeoVa/Acrylate Resins

AVE.191 Universal resin for paints and plasters with good water and alkali resistance, high shear stability, muliti-phase
DAV.4073 Additive to improve the hydrophobicity of systems
DKV.4171 Cationic polymer for wood coatings with excellent stain locking performance, good wet adhesion
DSV.4116 Self-crosslinking polymer with excellent chemical resistance and good sandability, good adhesion to glass
DSV.4135 Self-crosslinking polymer for easily sandable wood coatings with high insulating properties and very good wet adhesion, good stain blocking wood primer
DSV.4209 Self-crosslinking with sodium silicate modified, acrylic/VeoVa resin. Suitable for primers, topcoats and glaze for wood. Excellent adhesion on steel, aluminium plastic and wood
DXA.4081 Unique flexibility with memory effect and high tear resistance, compatible with 2K epoxy systems, good low temperature flexibility, suitable for peelable coatings
DXA.4228* Silanized polymer wih broad adhesion possibilities to nearly non-porous substrates
DXV.4051 Hydrophobic, good water resistance and water repellency, good on flexible substrates
DXV.4091 Nanocomposite with high water permeability, very good water resistance as well as excellent adhesion on gypsum and lime
DXV.4221* Deep penetration and excellent adhesion on non-porous substrates
H.276.AV Core shell polymer with high gloss, very good blocking and weather resistance
M.1630.AV For adhesion and anti-corrosive pimer on metal, glass and plastics, low water absorption
TE.204 Good insulating properties for primers and topcoats
WP.20 Additive for early water resistance at high humidity and low temperatures
WS.45.D Coatings of lime-based, cementitious or concrete systems, enhances the water resistance

* new development