Water-based Polyurethane Dispersions
for Surface Coatings

Product name

ALBERDINGK Aliphatic Polyurethane Dispersions

U 042 Excellent hydrolysis resistance, excellent flexibility, outstanding color-fastness, high heat stability, excellent mechanical stability, excellent solvent resistance, excellent adhesion
U 325
U 410 Excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, excellent adhesion promoter
U 615 Excellent flexibility, excellent chemical resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, very good exterior durability, excellent adhesion to multiple substrates
U 801 Excellent chemical resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, excellent block resistance, excellent exterior durability
U 900 Aliphatic polycarbonate PUD with N-Methylpyrrolidone, for metal pre-treatment with very good corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance
U 910 Excellent chemical and plasticizer resistance, high surface hardness and gloss potential, excellent adhesion to multiple substrates and self-crosslinking
U 915 Excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding hardness development, high gloss potential, suitable 2K wood floor coatings
U 927 Self-crosslinking aliphatic polyester PU-dispersion for high-performance coatings for wood and plastic, high gloss, ecellent hardness and black heel mark resistance
U 933 Excellent surface hardness, chemical resistance and water resistance, high gloss potential with good flexibility, self-crosslinking

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