Solvent-free Polyurethane Dispersions
For surface coatings on wood, plastic, cork and metal

Product name

ALBERDINGK® Aliphatic Polyurethane Dispersions

UAF 850 Self-crosslinking amine- and solvent-free polyurethane dispersion woith high surface hardness and good chemical resistance.
U 199 High solids PUD, very soft film, high elongation, label-free version ol ALBERDINGK® U 2102
U 205 Very good hydrolysis resistance, excellent soft touch, good exterior durability
U 216* Coating systems with good hydrolysis stability for the leather, textile and plastic industry
U 228 High solids PUD, superior hydrolysis resistance
U 2101 Excellent flexibility, excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, suitable for a variety of soft-feel applications
U 3200* For leather and plastic coatings with outstanding hydrolysis resistances
U 3251 Excellent flexibility, good exterior durability, excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, suitable for credit card lamination
U 3700 Superior hydrolysis-resistance, especially suitable for car-interior leather coatings
U 400 N For 1-and 2- component adhesives (80 – 100°C) with a high water resistance, the main applications are laminating of textile, wood and foils; excellent adhesion to glass
U 475 More flexible version of ALBERDINGK® U 5201, Polyester-PUD with very good hydrolysis resistance, for high quality topcoats
U 4000* Highly suited as a primer on plastic substrates (e.g. corona treated BOPP), polymer film can be easily recoated with other materials
U 4040* Primer with good adhesion to leather, textile and plastic as well as a combination dispersion for adhesive acrylic dispersion's, particularly suitable as a primer for shoe soles
U 5201 Excellent water resistance, excellent exterior durability, excellent flexibility, suitable for high quality leather
U 6100 Plasticiser barrier on flexible PVC, good adhesion to various substrates, excellent aluminum pigment orientation, high in-can-clarity
U 6150 Outstanding water resistance, excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, high gloss potential, excellent in-can clarity, excellent chemical resistance
U 6300 Very good adhesion on plastics, very good pigmentability, suitable for automotive base coats if combined with acrylic dispersions, good plasticizer barrier on PVC-foils
U 6800 Highly suitable to plastics and metal coatings due to the good adhesion properties, extremely water resistant/hydrophobic
U 7500* For high quality 1K- and 2K lacquers for hardwood flooring
U 7800 Excellent film formation at no/low levels of coalescing agents, highly suited for low emission coatings, excellent chemical resistance, excellent clarity on wood, excellent abrasion resistance
U 8001 Solvent-free version of U 801, outstanding water and block resistance, workhorse PU-dispersion for exterior and interior applications, good adhesion to difficult substrates
U 9000* For metal pre-treatment with very good corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance
U 9150 Suitable for 2 component wood floor coatings with very high hardness and superior abrasion resistance, high in-can clarity
U 9190 Excellent colloidal, low viscosity dispersion of an aliphatic polycarbonate polyurethane without free isocyanate groups, for high quality 2 pack wood and plastic coatings
U 9270 Excellent film hardness and chemical and stain resistance, suitable for one component wood floor finishes (MFMA compliant), excellent black heel mark resistance, high gloss potential, outstanding blocking resistance
U 9350 Extremely hard PU-dispersion, universal type for transparent and pigmented systems, especially suitable for enamels
U 9380 Excellent surface hardness, excellent flexibitility, outstanding adhesion to multiple substrates, excellent chemical resistance.
U 9800 Excellent chemical and stain resistance, excellent hot water resistance, excellent adhesion to multiple substrates.
U 9900 Extremely hard, self-crosslinking PU-dispersion, universal type for transparent and pigmented systems, especially suitable for enamels

ALBERDINGK® Aliphatic Inherently Matte Polyurethanes

PUR MATT 300* Inherently matte, soft-feel PUD, good chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistant, recommended for OPVs, plasters and paints
PUR MATT 340* Inherently matte, soft-feel PUD, good chemical and hydrolysis resistance, high optical transparency on dark substrates recommended for OPVs and plastics
PUR MATT 970* Inherently matte, hard PUD, excellent sanding properties, high chemical resistance

* new development