Water-based Polyurethane/Acrylic Hybrid-Dispersions (Surface Coatings)
for surface coatings

Product name

ALBERDINGK® Aliphatic Polyurethane/Acrylic Hybrids

APU 10120 Self-crosslinking, outstanding adhesion properties, excellent early water resistance
APU 10140 Self-crosslinking, excellent plasticizer barrier, outstanding adhesion properties
APU 10610 Self-crosslinking, excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, good block resistance
MAC 24* Acrylic binder with excellent chemical and blocking resistance. Good resistance to hand sanitizer
MAC 34 Self-crosslinking, excellent chemical and scratch resistance, very good sandability, outstanding adhesion to multiple substrates
MAC 36* For hard and scratch resistant plastic and wood coatings

ALBERDINGK® Aliphatic Polyurethane/Acrylic copolymers

UC 80 High scratch and abrasion resistance, suitable for overprint varnishes, excellent adhesion to aluminium, excellent surface hardness
UC 84 Outstanding alkali and water resistance, excellent block resistance, very good abrasion and scratch resistance, quick hardness development
UC 90 Self-crosslinking, excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
UC 8400 Very high hardness and blocking resistance, excellent hand fat- and chemical resistance, highly scratch resistant, ideal combination partner for waterbased acrylics and UV-curable dispersions
UC 8600 Optimized for the use in pigmented coating systems with outstanding stain and chemical resistance, very good hand-fat and -lotion resistance as well as very scratch resistant surface

* new development