Water-based UV-curable Dispersions
for surface coatings

Product name

ALBERDINGK® UV-curable Polyester-Polyurethane Dispersions

LUX 220 Outstanding chemical and stain resistance in transparent and pigmented systems, excellent scratch resistance in colored systems, hard-elastic
LUX 250 Hard, elastic PU dispersion with excellent chemical, scratch and water resistance, fast water release and low grain raising
LUX 255 Hard-elastic UV-dispersion with short flash-off time, high scratch and chemical resistances, high gloss, universal product for transparent and pigmented systems
LUX 260 Excellent wood warming, film transparency and gloss, superior scratch resistance, good re-emulsifiability before UV curing
LUX 701 For soft-feel coatings, excellent block resistance, excellent flexibility, can be further crosslinked with polyisocyanates to create a dual cure coating.
LUX 1215 For soft-feel coatings, excellent flexibility, can be further crosslinked with polyisocyanates to create a dual cure coating

ALBERDINGK® UV-curable Polyurethane-Acrylic Copolymer Dispersions

LUX 286 For clear and pigmented coatings with high chemical and stain resistance and very good adhesion to general plastics and metals.
LUX 290* Optimized formulation stability, even at elevated temperature, good chemical resistance and easy to formulate
LUX 399 Very good wood warming, good re-emulsifiability before UV-curing, good sandability, very fast water release, good adhesion to general plastics.
LUX 481 Outstanding chemical and stain resistance, very high crosslink density, excellent surface hardness, excellent block resistance.
LUX 482* Very good chemical resistance in transparent and pigmented systems, high film filling, good adhesion, barrier effect against wood
LUX 484 Outstanding flexibility, excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, excellent chemical resistance, excellent scratch and mar resistance.
LUX 560 Economic UV-dispersion for furniture lacquers, with high film filling, wood warming and chemical resistance, good reemulsifiability before UV-curing

ALBERDINGK® UV-curable Acrylic Dispersions

LUX 515 Extremely high gloss, very good wood warming, good chemical resistance, good scratch resistance

* new development