Solvent-free Polyurethane Dispersions (Surface Coatings)
for surface coatings on wood, plastic, cork and metal

Waterbased polyurethane dispersions have been used in coatings for more than a decade. Most of these PUDs or copolymers are produced by using the pre-polymer process, which requires the use of solvents. As Alberdingk Boley is aware of its environmental responsibility, we are committed to deliver new solvent–free products and alternatives, some of which are based on renewable resources (castor, linseed and soy oil).

Therefore, our goal is to transform all of our commercially available polyurethane dispersions into solvent-free grades.  We initiated research and development of solvent-free grades in 2003.  By 2004, we began our first industrial productions.  Simultaneously, we began transforming and upgrading Alberdingk Boley’s technologies and products.  Our focus was not only to fulfill present needs, but to anticipate the future. 

We succeeded in creating a new, user-friendly, generation of solvent-free polyurethane dispersions.  We manufacture these products with the latest and most efficient techniques.  We deliver innovative, customer-centric, high quality products. Meanwhile, we continually strengthened our position as a global supplier of environmentally friendly, raw material coatings.

At Alberdingk Boley, we are poised to meet changing industry demands in responsive, adaptive ways.