Water-based UV-curable Dispersions (Surface Coatings)
for surface coatings

The LUX portfolio represents products used for radiation-curing, and includes aqueous polyurethane and acrylate dispersions. These products allow our customers to make high-quality industrial coatings. Immediately after curing, these coatings exhibit high resistances, and contain little or no concentrations of volatile organic compound (VOCs).
 There is no longer a need for reactive diluents when water-based, UV-curable dispersions are used. Creating a matte appearance is also very easy. Adhesion is improved by low volume shrinkage, and physical drying produces a reliable coating for complex, three-dimensional surfaces prior to radiation curing. We offer industrial coatings suitable for furniture, cabinetry, plastic, glass, paper, metal, cork, and leather. 

For Synergistic Effects

 With the emergence of new materials on today’s market, coating systems must be constantly reformulated in order to yield the best performance. Our product portfolio features a full range of compatible copolymers, pure polyurethanes and acrylate emulsions that can be blended to help provide further flexibility for a wide variety of applications.